Your own private dashboard
Take full control over your widgets and data


100% customizable

You can place any HTML content in your widget, provide remote JSON data for it and reload data on defined intervals.

Bootstrap3 markup

Dashboard is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 which means markup is very familiar and you can use any BS3 components.


FINALBOARD dashboards are 100% responsive and mobile friendly. Full control over rows and columns.


Download and use it anywhere you want. Your data is safe and private.

Easy hosting

Dashboard itself has no server-side requirements. Pure HTML/JS/CSS.

Simple configuration

All you dashboards and widgets are stored in config files, therefore you can easily reuse them and use file version control.

Unlimited dashboards, unlimited widgets
Make as many dashboards and widgets as you want


1. Create your widget

Create or reuse existing widget template using bootstrap3 HTML markup and variable placeholders. Don't worry, plenty of examples are already provided.

2. Add to configuration

Specify your template name, data provider if any and additional parameters like refresh interval, etc. in boards configuration.

3. Voilà!

Your widget is up and running and updating data on specified intervals.

Pricing & Licensing

All licenses include unlimited domains, unlimited access, unlimited dashboards and widgets as far as they are representing data for single project. For additional projects you must obtain separate license or single "Enterprise" license for all the projects.

No monthly or annual fees — buy once and use FinalBoard forever.


Free updates forever
Single project
Obfuscated source code
Basic "getting started" support

$ 49

Using PayPal


Free updates forever
Single project
Full source code
One year support

$ 149

Using PayPal


Free updates forever
Unlimited projects
Full source code
One year support

$ 499

Using PayPal

Trial version

If you would like to try it out before buying, here is downloadable trial version of FinalBoard.


Head to documentation section to find out more about templates and technical details.


If you have any questions about licensing, billing or problems implementing FinalBoard dashboards use

You can also contact us and get latest updates on our Twitter account

Live demo

One look is worth a thousand words - check out live demo of FinalBoard. Don't forget to try out dashboard responsiveness in different browser sizes.